Monday, 30 January 2012

Paradise Danes V2

Revamped an older file. Claws and liplines. Whatisthis. I leart a lot of hexing skills making this guy huhuh. Very cute and silly.

Merle Calis

Bland pls.

Merle Calicoes

Amount made: 9
These were awfully popular. I planned to give out one of each basecolour haha. Very bluey and seay.

Wizard Cereal Danes

I was supposed to fix these up, but I never did. They are okay.

New Years Siamese

Amount made:
Was going to be a freebie litter, but I messed something up and never fixed it. MAYBE ONE DAY THEY'LL BE A LITTER.

JASON Alleys

Amount made: 1
I love these <3 Jason is GOOFY and poofy.

Sim Kitty

Amount made: 1
Made for Jess. This guy is based off a stray from TS3 and Jess wanted him hexed in-game, so I did so. Addball eyes unf haha